Overnight Explore - "Visiting Myrtle", Newcastle, Maine

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The Tipsy Butler B&B in Newcastle, Maine; the former residence of Myrtle and where she continues to manifest her presence, according to the inn keepers.



The Newcastle Publick House, where Myrtle used to own an antiques shop. Employees at the location report numerous manifestation attributed to Myrtle. Participants in the Mysterious Destinations Overnight Explore on Sat., Oct. 25 and Fri., Oct. 31 will dine at the Publick House before conducting a explore of the building and then return to the Tipsy Butler B&B to conduct an Explore and then spend the night visiting with Myrtle. For more information on how to join the group, contact us.

A Visit

With Myrtle…

A powerful personality in life, does Myrtle Gascoigne still assert her will at the building where she once had a business and another where she lived, and died?

How often do you get to spend the night at a haunted house with a history of paranormal activity? Or spend the night in the same bedroom where the source of that activity passed from her mortal life? How often would you be able to do this on Halloween season nights? And, how often would you be able to join the adventure and use specialized equipment to document any paranormal activity?

At Mysterious Destinations, we have the answers to those questions… Sat., Oct. 25 and Halloween, Fri., Oct. 31. With dinner, breakfast and more included!

The spirit of Myrtle Gascoigne is well known at the Tipsy Butler B&B and the nearby Publick House, both in Newcastle, Maine. In fact, her manifestations are so common that the owners and most employees at these two businesses take them in stride, usually.

One manifestation attributed to Myrtle at the Publick House (where she once had an antiques store) was the destruction of hundreds of dollars worth of expensive liquor when a large shelving unit holding the bottles crashed to the floor without explanation.

Myrtle’s manifestations often include an intolerance of alcoholic beverages, according to those who have experienced her on a regular basis.

A more common manifestation at the Publick House are feelings of dread, or that of being watched, while in the basement. In a recent incident, a new employee who knew nothing of Myrtle was sent to the basement to retrieve some items. When she returned, she looked visibly shaken. She refused to say what happened in the basement, and she refused to go down into the basement ever again.

The Publick House will be the site of an elegant dinner from a special menu, followed by an equipment briefing and then an Explore of the basement area to search for evidence of paranormal activity.

The group will then return to the Tipsy Butler B&B for homemade desserts with coffee (or dessert liqueurs for the daring). The owners of the Tipsy Butler will engage in general discussion of Myrtle’s life in the building, her death there, and her continued presence there.

An Explore with equipment will then be done of the entire house. Afterwards, guests can choose to engage in more discussion in the sitting parlor, or retire to their rooms for the night. An electromagnetic field (EMF) detector and other paranormal detection equipment will be assigned to each of the four rooms at the inn.

The next morning will feature a gourmet breakfast prepared by your innkeeper as well as a de-brief that will include an initial evaluation of any evidence obtained, including photos taken by participants.

“We’re hoping that this event will offer a unique experience to our guests,” said Sally Lobkowicz, Director of Mysterious Destinations. “This is really less of a ghost hunt than actually visiting with Myrtle at her place of business and her home… And I wouldn’t use the word ‘former’ for either location.”

There is very limited availability for this event (the Tipsy Butler only has 4 rooms), so we suggest acting now to secure your reservations. Please telephone 207-380-4677 or contact us.

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